Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the television show this story is based off nor the characters. It is purely fan fiction.

What is It’s Always Sunny?

It’s Always Sunny (in Philadelphia) is a television show that airs of FXX every week. They are on their 12th¬†season as this blog is currently read. It’s focused on the daily lives and antics of five horrible characters: Frank, Dennis, Mac, Charlie & Dee. They own a bar in Philly and as such, a lot of their episodes take place in or around the establishment known as Paddy’s Pub.


  • Frank Reynolds (63)
  • Dennis Reynolds (30)
  • Dee Reynolds (30)
  • Mac Mcdonald (29)
  • Charlie Kelly (29)

The Plot

In the show of course has most characters living in separate places while a couple are roommates to each other. For the sake of the Sim story-telling, they all live in one house to makes things easier and convenient. That being said, here’s the over all plot…

All five characters are horrible, belittling, narcissistic and ignorant human beings. It’s safe to say that all of their little “adventures” center around them showing their evil selves. This story line will move along like the show in the sense that each segment/video will have a different scenario that is going on. It will focus on their nasty traits and be comedic in the end.

So stay tuned for video uploads of the Sunny Five and what messes they find themselves in soon!