• Stephanie Cummings (31)
  • Michael Denton (27)
  • Wade William Denton (14)
  • Wyatt Michael Denton (14)
  • Max Villareal (14)
  • Elsa Bjergsen (14)

The Plot

Wade and Wyatt are twin brothers and have been super close since they were born. They did everything together from summer camp to joining the same school clubs and practically hanging around with the same classmates. There are differences between the two however, and it’s more prominent as they get older…

Wyatt is more into the arts and creativity…he likes to be suave and sassy. His choice in style can be egocentric at times and is bound to get an eyebrow or two raised at him. He chooses to throw himself more into schoolwork than his twin brother. As the teenage years sneak up on him, Wyatt begins to realize he is attracted to the same sex. In fact, he starts to develop feelings for his best friend Max.

Wade is the complete opposite when it comes to interests. He is more of the jock type being into sports, fitness and…well mainly those two things. Known to be the more rebellious type, he also finds himself in more trouble than Wyatt and is a slacker in school. Still, he has eyes only for the girls (specifically Elsa in question) and when he finds out his twin brother is crushing on his male bff, this rubs Wade the wrong way. Hence, the start of their relationship becoming separate.

Will they grow up to completely hate each other all along the way? Or will Wade become accepting of his brother’s sexuality eventually?

The Story So Far

Wade and Wyatt’s parents, Stephanie & Michael, just threw a party for the twin’s 14th birthday. Max and Elsa along with their other friends were in attendance. This begins the romantic growing relationship between Wyatt and Max (who is in extreme denial at first of his sexuality whereas Wyatt is way more accepting). It also is the start of Wade’s flirtations with Elsa.

Wyatt hasn’t told anyone about his newfound sexuality yet..not even his parents let alone his twin brother who tends to be more judgmental of people. Wade will find out soon and his reaction will be pretty blunt and forthcoming.

Stay tuned for updates/videos!