Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the show or any of the characters portrayed in this story. 

What is The IT Crowd?

The IT Crowd is a British comedy centered around the comedic antics of three people who work in the IT department at a major company. Their lives are mostly focused on inside the work place on the show whereas in the Sim world, it will display the more personal side of each character as they struggle with social engineering.

The Characters

  • Roy Trenneman (33)
  • Maurice Moss (32)
  • Jen Barber (30)

The Plot

For the sake of keeping loosely aligned with the show, the characters will all live together in the game (even though of course in the show they do not). This is so it’s more convenient and easier for them to interact and story progress together. That being said, let’s get to the actual plot…

Jen Barber recently applied for a position at Reynholm Industries which turned into her obtaining a spot in the IT department as Relationship Manager. This was not what she expected (since she has little to no knowledge about computers) and it makes the other IT employees, Roy & Moss, very upset. They decide there needs to be some kind of foot put down and that matters taken into their own hands. Set on destroying her social skills (which are much higher than their own), they proceed to so outside of the work place in every aspect of her personal life. Through geeky tribulations and twisted outcomes, will they succeed? Or will they end up folding and embracing their newfound ignorant female employee with a male’s instinct?

The Story So Far

As a way to keep a close eye on Jen and manipulate her social life, Roy and Moss offer her to live with them. Since she just moved to London from a small town down south, she didn’t have any friends or a place to live yet so she hesitantly accepts the offer.

Upon her arrival, they suggest a night on the town is in order to meet some new people. In reality though, Roy and Moss are going to secretly humiliate her in front of some hot prospects.