• Stephanie Cummings (31)
  • Michael Denton (27)
  • Wade William Denton (14)
  • Wyatt Michael Denton (14)
  • Max Villareal (14)
  • Elsa Bjergsen (14)

The Plot

Refer to Brotherly Love…or Hate? original post for the plot.

The Story So Far

The last we left off, Wyatt was about to tell his parents and his bff about his sexuality. He has let the cat out of the bag…or closet shall we say? His parents were supper supportive about it and told him to live life the way he desires. Max, his bff, was a bit weirded out by the revelation and asked Wyatt if he was sure and knew what he was doing. In reality though, Max himself is secretly gay but in denial. Wade is the only one left out of the loop so far because of his judgmental attitude.

Brotherly Love…or Hate? (ep. 1)

Fast forward and we have the GeekCon in which the twin’s parents attend while their at school. Later that evening, Max rings up Wyatt and…dun dun dun…asks him on a date out of nowhere. In fact, he even tells him that he can’t get Wyatt out of his mind. :O Will the date be one of perfection and bliss? Or will it turn into an utter disaster? Perhaps there might even be a few faces turned as suspicion arises within everyone…