Wade William Denton (15)

Elsa Bjergson (15)

Wyatt Michael Denton (15)

Stephanie C. (35)

Michael Denton (31)

The Story So Far

Wade and Wyatt are twin brothers with a lot of deep secrets between the both of them. Wyatt is gay and still hasn’t told his brother yet whereas Wade had a passionate night with his gf Elsa in which she became preggers. Neither of them knows the other’s secret yet but it’s quickly coming to light.

Let’s take a look at Wade’s recent rendezvous with Elsa…

03-05-17_9-08-00 PM
Wade and Elsa before they are about to do the dirty deed. 
03-05-17_11-09-28 PM
There’s some awkwardness between Elsa and Wade’s father the next morning. 
03-05-17_11-37-31 PM
Wade getting into a heated argument with Beau over the fact he was chatting up Elsa in a pretty flirtatious way. 
03-05-17_11-39-25 PM
Wade is professing his love to Elsa after arguing with Beau.