With Big Brother season 19 underway, I decided to do a little something different and special in Sims 4.

I’m sure everyone is aware of a series titled Hunger Games and at least loosely, what it entails. For those who don’t know, it is about a dystopian society that is based around an “entertainment” competition called the “Hunger Games” where two children from each district are thrown into an arena to fight till the death.

Big Brother is a reality television show about a group of contestants are put into a house for the summer to compete for money through competitions and game play. They are not allowed to leave this house at all and are only around these other players 24/7 for up to 90 days. This makes for the perfect Hunger Games style setup.

Now because of house size limits in Sims 4, I had to split the house guests into two groups and each group will have to duke it out till one is alive in the end. The two house guests that survive out of their respective groups, will battle each other for the win. The groups were setup as follows:

Group 1

  • Mark Jansen
  • Josh Martinez 
  • Christmas Abbott
  • Paul Abrahamian
  • Matthew Clines
  • Elena Davies 
  • Jillian Parker
  • Alex Ow

Group 2

  • Kevin Schlehuber
  • Jason Dent
  • Cameron Heard
  • Cody Nickson
  • Dominique Cooper
  • Jessica Graf
  • Ramses Soto
  • Raven Walton

In group 1, as you can see, everyone was killed off except for Alex Ow. She was the winner of the first round. It was a battle for a bit between Christmas and Jillian as each took out a couple of the guys. For awhile, it seemed for sure one of them would win especially since Alex was seen sitting on the sidelines most of the time scared. However, it came down to her and Josh in the end where she brutally stabbed him in the chest.

So far, the females of the house are dominating in general whereas the males, have yet to make a kill. Will round 2 with the second group of house guests change things up? Stay tuned!!

***Mods/Scripts used for the story: Extreme Violence (just Google it)***